Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked billing quesitons

Can I make a sewer bill payment over the phone?
No. RWD can only accept cash or check payments. If you prefer to use a credit card you may make an online payment here. You can also visit our Bill Payment page for more ways to manage your sewer bill. 

Is there a limit to the amount I can pay online?
Bill payments made using a Visa or Mastercard online are limited to $400.00 and requires a $3.50 convenience charge added to each transaction.

Can I check my account balance online?
No. If you have questions about your account please call our office at (206) 546-2494 or email

Is my sewer bill based on my water usage?
No. RWD charges a flat rate of $14.17 per month to all residential customers. 

What is the charge from King County? 
$45.33 of your monthly sewer bill goes to King County for treatment costs. Questions regarding this fee call King County at (206) 296-1450 or email 


How do I make a public records request?

To make a public records request, visit the City of Shoreline's website for more information.


How do I attend a Board of Commissioners meeting?

Board meetings are open to all. You can have a voice in how the District is operated. Please see our Board of Commissioners Board Meetings Calendar for current meeting times, or call ahead of time to confirm the next meeting at (206) 546-2494.


How do I view the District calendar?


How do I request a side sewer map?

Visit our Wastewater Permitting page for more information.


How do I obtain a side sewer permit?

Visit our Wastewater Permitting page for more information.


How do I apply for a low income / senior discount?