Wastewater Permitting

Appointments are recommended for consultation with the Wastewater Utility Department

Wastewater Utility Specialist:
Brent Proffitt - bproffitt@shorelinewa.gov
(206) 801-2578

Wastewater Utility Specialist:
Clayton Putnam - cputnam@shorelinewa.gov
(206) 801-2579


On October 23, 2017, Ronald Wastewater District began contracting with the City of Shoreline to provide wastewater services under the terms of a wastewater utility operating services agreement. You will still be able to reach a Wastewater Utility Specialist with wastewater issues or questions using the utility's phone number (206) 546-2494 (do not call this number for side sewer inspections!) What will change is that you will conduct all in-person wastewater utility business including permitting at Shoreline City Hall, 17500 Midvale Avenue N. For information about this change, visit shorelinewa.gov/wastewater

Permitting Forms are Available Here (City of Shoreline website)

The District requires that all work involving the sanitary sewer system within District boundaries be permitted by the Wastewater Utility Department. The property owner or contractor is required to submit a permit application along with any required forms, construction drawings and/or plans. The proposed work is reviewed and a permit is issued to the property owner or contractor. The length of time required for the review period will vary depending on the scope of the project. Once the permit is issued, it remains an open file until the Utility Department is notified for inspection.

To request a side sewer inspection, call: (206) 801-2579 or (206) 801-2578.

You may also schedule your inspection via email at  

Inspections are typically performed Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please allow 24 hour notice to schedule an inspection.

Side Sewers / Residential

Main Line Sewers / Developers

Engineers / Contractors